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57,90 EUR*
Details The Knowledgeable Patient: Communication and Participation in Health (CBS- Cochrane Book Series)

Knowledgeable Patient: Communication And Participation In Health by Sophie Hill, 9781444337174, Bmj Books, 2011, Paperback

35,40 EUR*
Details Teaching Primary Geography (Achieving QTS)

Teaching Primary Geography This book helps trainee teachers develop creative, confident and knowledgeable strategies for learning and teaching in Primary and Early Years geography. Full description

3,83 EUR*
Details Leycesteria Crocothyrsos Seeds

A challenge for your knowledgeable friends to name. Whilst related to L.formosa, this beauty bears no comparison, with trusses of golden yellow trumpets showing prominent stamens, amidst distinctive bronzed foliage which clads the cane-like stems ...

24,33 EUR*
Details Rachel's Favourite Food at Home

A natural TV chef: relaxed, articulate and knowledgeable Sunday Times Food for real people Irish Examiner If you havent heard of Rachel Allen, you will soon. Irelands blond and beautiful equivalent of Nigella Lawsonis taking her place on the ...

71,49 EUR*
Details Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: The Treatment of Choice

Inevitably, every psychotherapist has some experience with severely disturbed patients. Consequently, they will turn with excitement to this important new book which is a stunning attempt by two knowledgeable, persevering psychotherapists to present ...

12,41 EUR*
Details The King Is Coming: Preparing to Meet Jesus

From panic to punchline, public perception about the return of Christ reveals an alarming lack of understanding of biblical prophecy. In "The King is Coming," Pastor Erwin Lutzer lends his knowledgeable, careful handling of a topic that leaves even ...

21,26 EUR*
Details Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities (Public Square)

Not for Profit Anxiously focused on national economic growth, we increasingly treat education as though its primary goal were to teach students to be economically productive rather than to think critically and become knowledgeable and empathetic ...

23,56 EUR*
Details Perfect Host: 162 easy recipes for feeding people and having fun

"A discursive, chatty, knowledgeable and didactic kaleidoscope of a book ...entertaining has the potential for stress and disaster. Felicity Cloake has provided us with the means to reduce the risks". (Daily Mail). "[An] inspiring book on ...

10,99 EUR*
Details The Man's Book: The Indispensable Guide for the Modern Man

The definitive handbook of men's customs, habits and pursuits. How to be the sexy, knowledgeable, confident, poker-playing, roast-carving, whiskey-drinking man you know you can be. And how to have fun being him. The authoritative guide to being a man ...

11,99 EUR*
Details LOVE, LAUGHTER, & MAYHEM IN ELDERCARE FACILITIES: The Master Key for Dementia Training

This workbook, Love, Laughter, & Mayhem In Eldercare Facilities: The Master Key For Dementia Training, is your one-stop-shopping guide for giving your staff the crucial training required to be the most effective and knowledgeable caregivers to ...

19,21 EUR*
Details Security Leader Insights for Business Continuity: Lessons and Strategies from Leading Security Professionals

How do you, as a busy security executive or manager, stay current with evolving issues, familiarize yourself with the successful practices of your peers, and transfer this information to build a knowledgeable, skilled workforce the times now demand ...

53,50 EUR*
Details Open Source Database Driven Web Development: A Guide for Information Professionals (Chandos Information Professional)

Open Source Database Driven Web Development Almost every organization seeks a simple means of managing, publishing and/or providing searchable web access to information. Written by a knowledgeable web developer, this book demonstrates the simplicity ...

24,95 EUR*
Details 40 Perfect New York Days: Walks and Rambles In and Around the City

40 Perfect New York Days Celebrate New York's legendary diversity of places, people, and things to do in a series of upbeat and offbeat day trips. "40 Perfect New York Days: Walks and Rambles In and Around the City" is your knowledgeable, trustworthy ...

13,80 EUR*
Details 2012 and the End of the World: The Western Roots of the Maya Apocalypse

2012 and the End of the World Did the Maya really predict that the world would end in December of 2012? If not, how and why has 2012 millenarianism gained such popular appeal? In this deeply knowledgeable book, two leading historians of the Maya ...

94,99 EUR*
Details The Office Interior Design Guide: An Introduction for Facility and Design Professionals: An Introduction for Facilities Managers and Designers (Wiley Professional)

This book helps facility professionals become active, knowledgeable partners with designers and consultants to create efficient, functional and flexible workspaces. It covers every step of the process, from creating the strategic facility plan, to ...